Waton's Cabinet Tea - 5 Varieties

Watson's Cabinet specializes in the finest hand crafted herbal and caffeinated certified organic tea blends. Located in Hudson, New York in the heart of the beautiful Hudson Valley. Watson's Cabinet was conceived by two acupuncturists/herbalists with a love for teas that taste great and benefit the mind/body connection.

Sleep - Relax, unwind and leave the day behind with a night time blend of gentle and calming herbs with a hint of hibiscus. Sweet Dreams! Caffeine free. Certified organic. 15 Individual pouches

Rise - Rise and shine, stay energized with this uplifting, inspiring, anti-oxidant rich cup. Contains caffeine. Certified Organic. 15 Individual pouches

Digest - Warming flavors with hints of East Indian chai, this enticing blend is designed to soothe  a restless or uneasy digestive system. Caffeine free. Certified Organic. 15 Individual pouches

BreatheA respiratory tonic that helps clear, strengthen, and support the lungs for easy breathing and enhanced vitality. Caffeine free. Certified organic. 15 Individual pouches

Relax - Our most popular blend!! The Relax brew tastes great, takes the edge off, and is perfect all day long. Daily support for stress. Caffeine free. Certified organic. 15 Individual pouches