Backyard Brine Pickles - 6 Flavors

Backyard Brine is a Long Island based Artisan Pickle Company run by husband and wife team Randy and Cori Kopke. All the pickles are hand packed in small batches using fresh, all natural and local ingredients, originally from our own "backyard" garden

We Go Together Like Bread and Butter - Their version of the classic, these B&B's are sweetened with a mixture of brown sugar and maple syrup. Sweet, crunchy and delicious!

Everything (Bread and Butter) - Inspired by their favorite bagel! These crunchy B&B chips are kicked up a notch with sesame seed, poppy seed, peppercorn and onion.

Jalapeno Dill - Made with their classic dill brine and a kick of heat from fresh jalapeno peppers. These crunchy crinkle cut chips go great on any sandwich, burger or just by themselves. Medium heat.

Rowdy Pepper Belly (Habanero Dill) - These spicy devils have a perfect balance of flavors. Made with fresh habanero peppers, heirloom garlic and crushed red chili flakes. 

Sweat Heat (Jalapeno Bread and Butter) - Jalapeno Bread and Butter - Maple Syrup + Jalapeno =  Match Made In Heaven

Dill Death Do Us Part (Garlic Dill) - Their version of the classic dill pickle. Made with heirloom garlic, fresh dill and our blend of spices. Crunch on these bad boys straight from the jar.