The Salty Road Salt Water Taffy - 5 Flavors

The Salty Road taffy is made in small batches using all-natural ingredients like real fruit puree and vanilla bean. Each flavor finishes with a sprinkling of their signature sea salt, a crunchy ending to their delicious taffy!



Each box weighs 1.87 oz. and contains approximately 8 pieces.

Apple Pie - They use apple cider jelly (provided by Woods Cider Mill in Vermont), nutmeg, molasses, and a hint of warm pepper to create this creamy combination of salt and spice. 
Strawberries & Cream -  They compliment strawberry puree with a crunch of sea salt for a naturally pink treat. Chewing on our Strawberries & Cream taffy is like snacking on a strawberry milkshake for a bite of summer any time of year.
Deep Dark Chocolate -  They take a plain taffy base and add as much chocolate as the base will hold! We use sugar and evaporated milk to brighten chips of pure chocolate, and add a toss of fine sea salt to compliment the cocoa. The finishing crunch of large sea salt turns each chew into a fudgey treat!
Sea Salt Caramel -  They found the perfect flavor when they devoted an entire day to making two batches of our caramel syrup -- after they heat the syrup for three hours, the syrup takes on hints of bitter coffee and burnt sugar perfectly complimented by a crunch of sea salt.
Vanilla Bean - It is infused with whole vanilla beans that you can see through out the candy. It is soft and creamy with Salty Road's distinct salty crystal crunch and finishes with fresh vanilla notes.