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Gene Zhu

Brooklyn, NY

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Afar Foods

Gene Zhu, is a lifelong foodie who spends his personal time thinking about, eating, and cooking different cuisines. While in grad school, he snacked a lot out of convenience, but couldn’t find many healthy snacks with the global flavors he craved in meals. So Gene decided to make his own!

He started Afar Foods with a mission to change how people snack: through nutritious, delicious products that celebrate the world’s cultures and cuisines. His first product is a line of protein bars with savory, global flavors. They’re his own recipes, the result of 500+ tests in his home kitchen over the past year.

Made with simple, plant-based ingredients, Afar bars pack 10g of protein and only 2-3g sugar (80% less sugar than most other bars). They’re delicious, just like some of your favorite dishes across different cuisines. We’re so excited to share them with you!


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