Bug Spray no. 9

WestHampton Beach, NY

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Our goal is to educate and enlighten people to the  simple principles of natural living, whats good for the environment is good for families.

We have worked hard to make natural products that people love , and leaving only goodness behind.

Our blends protect your skin and have aromatherapeutic properties to relax and promote calmness with every spray .

Bug Spray No 9 is more than just a business .  Its a company founded on the idea that true success isn’t  only about making money .    It’s also about giving back , helping others and hopefully when its all said and done , leaving the world a better place than we found it.

A concept of a double bottom line, which is the notion that beyond a companies financial performance , we should support a positive social outcome.

Because we want everyone in the world to have a chance to be happy . Thats it.

Thats the only reason .  The chance to grow up , the chance to chase our dreams, the chance to fall in love .  With Bug Spray No .in your bag , enjoy the sunset on the porch, take the spontaneous hike, a pleasant ride on your kayak, let the kids run through the garden with no worries of bug bites.