Catskills Comfrey

Fleischmanns, New York

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Catskills Comfrey

Catskills Comfrey is grown organically on their small farm in Delaware County, NY. Harvested two-three times every season, their comfrey plants are never treated with herbicides, pesticides, or anything else you would not want on your skin. They fertilize the comfrey with a shovelful of aged horse manure and let our beautiful plants soak up the fresh country. Within 48 hours of harvest they dry, crush and store the comfrey (in airtight containers) to preserve freshness and maintain its high-strength potency.

There are many reputable reports of the benefits of comfrey for skin care. Comfrey’s active ingredient, allantoin, is one of the most important cell-proliferants. Essentially, comfrey encourages cell growth, helping the body do what it naturally wants to do but only with more vigor and rapidity. Comfrey is an anti-inflammatory with additional moisturizing benefits.