Fatty Sundays

Ali and Lauren

Brooklyn, NY

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Fatty Sundays is a gourmet chocolate covered pretzel business based in Brooklyn, NY. Co-founded by 2 sisters, Ali and Lauren, Fatty Sundays is re-inventing and modernizing everyone’s favorite sweet + salty treat (all inspired by their Mom’s famous sprinkles pretzels they enjoyed so much growing up!) With unique flavor combinations and fun, eye-catching packaging, these chocolate covered pretzels are unlike anything you’ve ever had before! Each pretzels is thoughtfully flavored, generously dipped in dark, milk or white chocolate and perfectly decorated with various toppings. There is a ton of flavor, texture and crunch packed into each and every bite. Fatty Sundays pretzels are that quintessential gift, treat for yourself or gourmet snack that can be enjoyed by people of all ages… and on any day of the week! As this family business grows, their mission stays constant: to make people happy one chocolate covered pretzel rod at a time!