Finding Home Farms

Laura and Dana Putnam, Founders

Middletown, NY

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Finding Home Farms logo.

Laura and Dana Putnam, a DIY maven and a former corporate all-star, are a couple in love with all things “home.” Laura started Finding Home as a blog dedicated to sharing ideas on home inspirations, DIY projects, and other information to help her readers create comfortable living spaces.

Dana is a fourth generation sugar maker and wanted to leave his desk job to carry on the family tradition of creating delicious maple products. Together, the Putnams have built a business on the foundation of family and home. Taking inspiration from Laura’s grandfather and his love of cardinals, and the story of Noah’s dove, the logo represents the spirit behind Finding Home Farms: the spirit of family, warmth, and creating a space where those things come to life.

And just like the dove carries the olive branch, the Finding Home Farms cardinal carries a maple leaf on the journey to finding home.


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