Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils

Carol Cappillino and John Haight, Founders

Poughkeepsie, NY

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Carol Cappillino and John Haight were born and raised in Poughkeepsie, NY. They had 2 sons, Kevin and Jeffrey Haight. In addition to their newly established oil company, Kevin Haight is the owner and operator of Quality Pool Management. He is also very active in the local community with Hunters for the Hungry and is on the board of the town of LaGrange Open Space Committee.

His wife Traci is a Registered Dietitian with over 20 years of experience and her own private practice, Nutrition Works, Inc., in the Hudson Valley area. She specializes in integrative and complementary nutrition and wellness from infants on up through adulthood. Jeffrey and his wife Allison are both graduates of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.

They each have over 20 years of experience which includes: cooking, management, sales and marketing in the food industry. The future generation of the Haight family includes : Kevin and Traci’s daughter, Delaney and Jeff and Allison’s children, Claudia and Colin. Grandpa John often refers to the grandkids as his “Legacy”.

The Haight Family lived down the road from the Robb Brother’s farm since the 1960’s. They purchased the farm in 1999. After years of being farmed by their long time family friend and mentor, Bill Plass, a discussion of a new project came about in 2012. Kevin was seeing the rising cost of both diesel and home heating fuel and soon talks of making biodiesel began.

After much research for the best product to grow for oil production, Kevin decided that their farm would start with sunflowers. Sunflowers have the capability of producing a higher oil yield than many other crops. After tasting the oil and having discussions with his wife, brother and sister-in-law about the nutrition benefits, culinary uses and outright amazing flavor of the cold pressed sunflower oil Kevin’s idea of burning it for biodiesel became obsolete.

The wheels of the birth of a new business began turning…. Kevin and Jeff started on a journey of finding the right people to help them do this. This included several trips to the Mid West to visit people and farms already involved in the cold pressing oil industry…along with many, many follow up phone conversations. They are eternally thankful and grateful to ALL who helped in this business venture and especially to the Boyer family from Indiana!

Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils was born and established in 2014.