ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixirs

Jason and Corinna Geib, Founders

West Hurley, NY

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Each one of ImmuneSchein’s Ginger Elixirs are handcrafted in small batches, and we take the most care in selecting, prepping, and bottling our products to ensure that our customers have the most pristine, pure, and natural elixir on the market.

All of these ingredients in our elixirs have been used for hundreds of years as natural remedies by individuals and herbal and natural health practitioners for supporting the body’s immunity against colds and flus, promoting digestion and circulation, reducing blood pressure, cholesterol, and inflammation, and much more.

The idea for ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixirs was created from the herbal traditions grandfather taught to Corinna Geib in Germany as a child. From this upbringing, and a developed trust with nature, a product has evolved, inspired by experiences and collaboration with the wonderful properties of foods as a day-to-day immune support to strengthen immunity naturally.