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Wurtsboro, NY

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Who is Luna? Truth be known: Luna is a pup. The company was named after her as she was the first to discover the acres of wild blueberries on the farm, which started us on this journey. Hence the name LunaGrown. LunaGrown Jams are handmade in small batches and shipped just about anywhere.

All natural, no artificial additives, gluten free, GMO free they are of the best quality for a healthy choice. LunaGrown grows a variety of fruits and berries to create distinguished traditional jams and all their products are seasonal and depend on local agriculture. Nestled just below the Shawangunk Ridge in the Hudson Valley of New York, LunaGrown Jam grows a variety of fruits used to create distinguished traditional jams.

Free from artificial ingredients and additives LunaGrown Jam stands above the competition when it comes to great flavor and healthy choices.

The availability of LunaGrown products change as the seasons change. This ensures the highest quality and taste. LunaGrown thanks you for making us a part of your life and traditions.


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