Sam Jr. and Steve. Eliott

Endicott, NY

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In 1951, John & Sam A. Lupo, Sr. brothers of Italian immigrants who came through Ellis Island, opened a small neighborhood meat market in Endicott, NY. The family corner store sold groceries such as fresh bread, produce and milk but were best known for their fresh cut meats.

The Spiedie along with the original Lupo’s Spiedie marinade, was crafted at the meat market over 70 years ago.

With the untimely passing of brother John in 1976, Sam Jr. fresh out of college, was asked to step in and help the family business for a year.

70 years has seen opening of family restaurants, opening a USDA meat plant, their own bottling facility and moving into the wholesale market, marketing their now famous Spiedies, meats and marinades.

Though the small family run, neighborhood meat market is gone, Lupo’s products are distributed locally, regionally and nationally.

Lupo’s is family owned and run by Sam A. Lupo, Sr. sons, Sam Jr. and Steve. Eliott, son of Sam Jr. is the 3rd generation to proudly step in alongside his father and uncle.

Through humble beginnings of Ellis Island, settling in Endicott over 93 years, the Lupo’s still reside and call Endicott home.