PK Brown Woodworking

Peter K. Brown, Woodworker

Tivoli, NY

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Peter Brown seems to have always had a passion for wood, whether it was in a tree or milled into lumber. This showed in his work as an arborist (tree surgeon) for nearly 20 years and even while he switched carriers and worked in computers, he was woodworking: making items for friends and family.

His home and workshop are intentionally simple and low impact: he maintains a garden, chickens, solar for hot water (thermal) and electricity (photovoltaic) and supplements heating with wood. Even the website is on a green host. When he’s not in the woodshop he is spending time with family: hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, and occasionally fishing.

Everything Peter sells he makes and each piece is carefully selected to find the hidden beauty in each piece. Once its on the lathe, it is almost as though the wood knows what its going to be, regardless of how it is prepped or any idea Peter had before he started working on it. He employs the use of small shop tools such as routers, power saws, planers, and a variety of hand tools to create my products: no computer numerical control machining. Therefore, each product is a unique creation, visually and tactilely and no two items will be exactly the same.

PK Brown Woodworking is located outside of the village of Tivoli, New York in the scenic Hudson Valley. We are two hours north of New York City, one hour below Albany and barely ten minutes from the Hudson River, Peter says his shop is nothing fancy, but it is a place where I can let in a little beauty.


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