Robert Corinaldesi

Argyle, NY

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Robert Corinaldesi, the founder, has a Masters of Science in microbiology and extensive experience researching microbes and harnessing the power of biology technology, the term he coined to describe how he developed his product formulations ranging from health, food and pharmaceutical products to bio-based cleaning products.

Robert has been perfecting his cleaning product formulations since the early 1980’s in the business-to-business market. Wanting to share his cleaning product discoveries with the rest of the world, Robert is now entering the consumer space with a new line of probiotic cleaners dedicated to creating a home free of petrochemicals- safe for any person, pet or child living in the home.

Manufacturing in upstate New York, this family-oriented company is grounded in Robert’s passion for and knowledge in microbiology. Initially propelled by the utilization of microbiological technologies in the institutional setting, this now brings industrial-level strength cleaning into the home-care community.

Truly recognizing the importance of continuous, safe cleaning, this is one of the first brands to achieve USDA certification on a PET product. This is truly a manifestation of Robert’s dream to eliminate all toxins from the home and, in the process, eradicate unnecessary toxins from the environment.


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