Splash Mixers

Maria Baum

East Hampton

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Almost a decade ago,  I became obsessed with a glaring hole in an otherwise overcrowded beverage industry. As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve created businesses in industries ranging from financial services and consumer products to real estate and hospitality. That list includes several popular restaurants that have great bar cultures. However, at home, though I consider myself a cook and I entertain quite a lot, I only served beer and wine as beverage choices.  I was (and still am) afraid of making cocktails because of the additional distraction and because I worry about having to satisfy so many individual tastes when it comes to their go-to cocktail.   I was also aware of friends who were using flavored waters, teas, drops, just about anything (besides cocktail mixers) to make their drinks healthier.  As an entrepreneur, I was being pitched what seemed like endless investment proposals for copy-cat beverages – ever more protein drinks, recovery drinks, coffees, spirits, and even a clunky countertop appliance meant to make flavored drinks with sugary pods.  All had the opposite appeal of what I wanted myself.  The few mixers I located in stores had extremely limited appeal, from look to attributes. As a cancer survivor, I was increasingly committed to the health and wellness space and wanted to only make “better for you” products.  But, as a foodie with a strong aversion to zero-calorie aftertaste, I needed it to taste great too.  After a several year journey, we developed a product that “checked every box”. I am super proud of Splash today. It truly is all that I envisioned.


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