Steve & Andy’s Organics

Meet Steve Marino and Arjan (Andy) Khiani

Flushing, NY

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Steve & Andy's Organics

Both creative entrepreneurs with careers in the beauty and fashion industries, founders, Steve and Andy met in NYC over 20 years ago. Little did they know their mutual passions to create and a love of cooking would bear this unique brand of gluten-free and organic foods.

It is Steve & Andy’s Organics where Steve pays homage to his Papa’s Italian baking techniques and Andy revels in the diverse East Indian flavors straight from his Ama’s kitchen. Together they’ve found balance and harmony in life and in their unique foods created at Steve & Andy’s Organics.

With the first kitchen to be certified gluten free and organic in New York City, Steve & Andy’s Organics has launched their first line of cookies in four flavors – chocolate chip, vegan oatmeal coconut, vanilla white chocolate and oatmeal raisin.

There is so much more organic, gluten-free gourmet foods to come from Steve & Andy’s Organics. They live by their
motto: Gluten-free and organic. It’s who we are, not what it is.