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Oneonta, NY

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This is a story of a little girl who as she frolicked in the garden one day, inspired her mother to refer to her as “Petunia”…a beautiful flower. This same little girl enjoyed adventure, art, nature, a bit of mischief and especially sweet treats. The mischief Petunia enjoyed from time to time led to the derivative “Toonie Moonie” as in, “ Toonie Moonie, what are you up to now?”

This little girl grew up of course. She still enjoyed adventure, art, nature, a bit of mischief and sweet treats. She had children…wonderful children, beautiful children, and they too shared her love of sweets… the yummy treats originating from a time gone by. The thing was, this mom loved her children so very much she wanted them to eat only the best, and yes, organic, foods available. But alas, these were hard to find.  Toonie Moonie®”decided to do something about that. Embarking on what she continues to see as an adventure, with the help of family and dear friends, she began a small company called Toonie Moonie® Organics, Ltd.

Toonie Moonie® Organics grew in a converted garage turned certified organic commercial kitchen. The first product line, launched  at the largest organic trade show in the country, was one of her favorite nostalgic treats…marshmallow crème. The response was exciting and a huge boost to this adventure. People walked away from sampling Toonie Moonie® Organic Marshmallow crème with a smile and a bit of a marshmallow mustache, happily harking back to a sweet treat from their childhood. The response to Toonie Moonie® Organic Marshmallow crème although fun and exciting, meant a tremendous amount of work. Looking back it is so very pleasing to remember the excitement I felt heard when someone would email or call, so “over the moon” to have found Toonie Moonie® Organics. It still thrills me to hear from people so excited about our yummy marshmallow crème, the organic alternative to the nostalgic treat from their childhood. When someone starting a company discovers our marshmallow crème is the perfect ingredient for their special recipe, I share in the excitement of their new adventure. And, as stores throughout the country, big and small, kindly and loyally support Toonie Moonie®, I am ever so grateful.

The future?  Exciting…as we began production in our wonderful new facility where we will continue making our scrumptious marshmallow crème and create delicious new sweets and treats, made as always with integrity…and a touch of kindness.


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