Alpha Honey Health Manuka Honey & Royal Jelly

100% Manuka Honey & Royal Jelly Hanuka Manuka Honey Alpha Honey is jarred directly from the source to ensure your honey reaches your table exactly the way the bees made it. 100% Manuka Honey Manuka Honey MGO83+ Real Manuka = Real Results- they take the extra step to ensure you have nothing but 100% pure Manuka Honey- just the way the bees made it. Alpha Honey Manuka has been sourced from a New Zealand producer that exceeds certification standards and is a champion among Manuka Honey producers. Alpha Honey Health Manuka is an exclusive reserve with a high quality, much more intense full-flavor Manuka. 2020 MGO Level tested in USA MGO 83+Also tested for sugar and additive adulteration. Single Source 100% pure honey. Honey Bee Royal Jelly with Manuka & Organic Honey. USA Tested, USA poured for quality and authenticity. The most powerful honey blend that combines their reserve quality Manuka Honey, Organic Wild Brazilian Honey, and Pure Honey Bee Royal Jelly that give this thick honey a full-bodied taste. Royal Jelly Mixed with the power of Manuka Honey & Rainforest Brazilian Honey Great sweet full bodied floral taste.

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Region: Long Island

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