Brooklyn Grooming, Co. Commando Grooming Balm


Supremely hydrating unisex grooming balm is a concentrated blend of highly nutritive and repairing organic plant oils and butters. Crafted exclusively out of pure plant absolutes and essential oils lending a unique and distinct scent that is sensual and not overpowering. 2 ounces. Hold: Light to medium Scent: Unscented What it smells like: You will smell the natural plant oils which are super subtle and will not interfere with any other scents you wear. Washes out easily with soap and water Tames, conditions and smooths hair - Heals dry skin and hair - Suitable for any hair type -Relieves beard dandruff and bumps. Made exclusively with plant oils and botanicals

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Producer: Brooklyn Grooming Co.

Region: New York City

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