Catskills Comfrey Chili Pepper


Chili Pepper blend provides the same great benefits as the Original with the added potency of Carolina Reaper chili peppers – the world’s hottest. Offers warmth to the surface of your skin, as well as subdermally, making it ideal for sore muscles and deep tissue massage. Every day presenting conditions where Catskills Comfrey ~ Chili Pepper ointment may offer fast, effective relief: Sore Muscles Joint and Muscular Pain Neuropathy, Shingles, Sciatica Neuralgic Discomfort There is approximately one Carolina Reaper chili pepper in each one ounce of ointment. Capsaicin is the major active ingredient which is derived from the chili pepper. Capsaicin provides the heat and interrupts pain signals from neuropathy. It’s also considered an analgesic. WARNING Do not apply to open wounds or take orally. Ensure wound is thoroughly clean before applying as the extremely high skin-closure rate can trap infection. Catskills Comfrey ~ Chili Pepper ointment is very hot. Apply with gloves or wash hands thoroughly after applying. Avoid getting ointment in eyes or any bodily orifice; the resultant stinging can be uncomfortable. Rinse with milk to reduce effect. Water will spread the discomfort, not lessen it.
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Producer: Catskills Comfrey

Region: Hudson Valley | Catskills