Clean Slate Farm Maple Balsamic Vinegar


In 1968, Dave Williams tapped fifteen maple trees and carried the sap in buckets to an evaporator. A bit later he built the first sugar shack. Shortly after that, he and his sons tapped a bunch more trees. Today they get sap from over 6,000 trees, and Dave still won't allow too many taps per tree. Not good for the tree he says. 40 gallons of sap nets only about 1 gallon of syrup and when the sap is flowing it can be an all night job. It's worth it though as the sugar shack fills with steam and sweet maple smells. Of the four grades of syrup, they choose the dark/robust level. The sweetness blends Goldilocks-like with the tartness of the balsamic. 5 oz. bottle

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Producer: Clean Slate Farm

Region: Central NY

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