Lupo’s Spiedie Marinade


Spiedies, (pronounced "speedies"), are marinated cubes of meat cooked on a skewer. Originally from Italy, this delicacy seems to be found only in the Broome County area of New York State. How and when spiedies came to this area, having never been documented, remains a mystery. Traditionally, spiedies were made from lamb. Today, however, they are made from lamb, pork, chicken, veal, venison, and beef. The cubes of meat are marinated in a sauce as varied as the types of people that enjoy them. The Lupo Family has been selling spiedies in the Binghamton area for over 50 years and would like to introduce them to you.

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Producer: Salamida Sauces, Marinades & Gourmet Seasonings

Region: Southern Tier

Nutrition Facts

Servings: 1 tbsp (15ml)

Calories: 60

Total Fat: 7g

Saturated Fat: 1g

Sodium: 320mg

Calcium: 2mg

Potassium: 14mg

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