Rockerbox Spice Co. Raw Garlic Dust


Raw Garlic Dust was their flagship product! It’s the most intensely garlicky powder you’ll ever try, and that’s because it’s pure. Its white color and superfine texture make that clear: it’s just pure unadulterated dehydrated garlic concentrate. Raw Garlic Dust is what you hoped you were using all those times you reached for the generic granulated stuff! It has the flavor of a raw clove of garlic and the texture of flour, which means it will melt into whatever you sprinkle it on. This makes it the easiest way to garlic-ify anything from takeout pizza and salads to family meals where one person wants 100x more garlic than another. Leave it on the table and use it like you’d use salt, or add it as you cook. It’s just as garlicky as our Raw Garlic Flakes, but even more versatile because it’s finely ground. .95 oz.

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Producer: Rockerbox Spice Co.

Region: Hudson Valley | Catskills

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