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Gift pack contains three jars in an attractive custom-designed clear hexagon sleeve. Whether it’s a birthday/holiday/housewarming or just an evening at a friend’s house, these gift packs are perfect in any situation, including for teachers, hosts, and even co-workers. They’re unique and universally loved by foodies of all persuasions. This combination is available in two sizes: Everything Bagel Blend - Our Everything Bagel seasoning is a stand-out for a couple reasons. First, we actually toast the sesame seeds, and it makes a huge difference! We also use more garlic & onion and less salt, for more flavor and less filler! Net Wt. 1.13oz Roasted Garlic Dust A fine garlic powder with the flavor of caramelized slow-roasted garlic. Net Wt. 0.85ozg) Shallot Flakes - Flakes of dried shallot with a crunchy texture that melts into whatever you add it to. Sweet, oniony, subtle. Net Wt. 0.49oz(

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