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LIFE IS SHORT. DRINK GOOD COFFEE! Choose from 4 delicious flavors. Sunrise Breakfast Blend Perfect blend of Papua New Guinea and Brazilian beans to start the day. Coffee production in Papua New Guinea dates back to the late 1920's, when the first Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee seeds were planted. The Brazilian coffee tradition for quality and full flavor coffee started in the late 1720's. It has continued to grow into one of the larger exporters for high quality coffee to Europe and the Americas. Characteristics: Chocolaty and fruity with a hint of spice, full aroma and clean finish. Medium roast. Witchin’ Hour Blend Our Colombian blend has a whole lot of attitude. Colombian coffee beans are regarded among the best in the world and our blend is not an exception. Characteristics: Bright currants and plum tones, rich, creamy with a chocolate and earthy hint finish. Medium roast. San Vito De Java Our house single-origin Costa Rican bean is produced by a small group of farmers in the highlands of Pittier de Coto Brus. Hand-picked and sun-dried using artisan techniques to obtain full robust flavor and aroma. Characteristics: Fruit tones, low acidity, balanced full body and aroma with a clean finish. Medium and dark roasts.
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Region: Finger Lakes