Grok Bites Snack Bars - 5 Flavors

Raw, vegan, soy free, fruit and nut bars. Wholesome goodness!

Purple Rain - Experience a refreshing shower of lavender, lemon, mulberry, pomegranate and coconut from one of favorites! 

Nutty Expressor - For those who may feel the barista didn't load their morning cappuccino quite enough, there's a little booster here. Along with dark sesame, cacao, coconut and peanut powder to make it really nutty.

Ma Cha Cha - Premium Ma Cha green tea powder puts the Cha in the Ma Cha Cha. Naturally sweet and unique with a touch of white sesame powder and coconut. Treat yourself today!

Jalapeño Surprise - Although we try to ensure that the jalapeños are evenly distributed, you never can be too sure... Hence the surprise!

Chocwork Orange - What can we add? Chocolaty and Orangey. What's not to like?