Healing Home Foods Vegan Crackers - 6 Flavors

Soaking, sprouting, & dehydration help optimize nutrition

It’s no secret that nuts and seeds are packed full of protein, vitamins, and minerals, as well as healthy fats. However, in their raw form, they also contain phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors (to prevent them from sprouting prematurely in nature). Healing Home Farms soak and sprout all our nuts to neutralize the acid and inibitors so your body can more easily access their natural nutrition.

Lemon Chai Bites -  Baked Lemon Chia Graham Bites are simply delicious and packed with nutrients. Organic lemon peel is dried and ground in house for fresh lemon flavor.  The addition of chia seeds adds protein and extra crunch to this yummy snack.

Chocolate Chip Bites - Baked using nine simple ingredients, the Old Fashioned Chocolate Chip flavored Baked Biscotti Bites are a delightful snack that will exceed your expectations. Traditionally they can be paired with your favorite beverage, but these bites are delicious enough to enjoy all by themselves. Baked with an Almond flour base, this yummy treat contains dairy-free chocolate chips and a touch of vanilla flavor to give these Biscotti Bites a delightful blend of classic flavor.

Original Graham Bites - Made with only six ingredients, our Baked Classic Graham Bites are simply delicious. Savor them on their own, or use them as the perfect vessel for S’Mores. Almond flour serves as the base for this yummy treat, with a dash of ground organic cinnamon and nutmeg offering just the perfect subtle spice to balance out their sweetness. A nutrient packed snack for any time of day.

Ginger Snap - While their Ginger flavored Baked Biscotti Bites are prepared simply with only eleven ingredients, the flavors are everything but simple. Savor them on their own, or put them to use as the perfect dipping accompaniment to your favorite beverage. Almond flour serves as the base for this yummy treat, with dried ginger and crystallized ginger offering a sophisticated and delightful bold spicy tone.

Pizza Thins - How did they recreate the simple joy of pizza in a raw cracker? By using Almond Flour, Oat Flour, and Ground Flax to as a vessel for our very own Sun-dried Tomatoes, Garlic, Basil, and Oregano. A nutritious, satisfying, and kid-friendly raw snack that can stand alone.

Fresh Herb - The most versatile of their raw crackers came about when they realized that almond flour pairs perfectly with rosemary and thyme. Great with your favorite dip, or all by themselves, these crackers evoke the freshness and breezy charms of Mediterranean cuisine.

Kale and Goji - Superfoods unite! With fresh kale, basil, rosemary, and goji berries, their Raw Kale Goji Crackers are a meal all by themselves. With a hearty, healthy, and delicious mix of ingredients, they’re also darn pretty to look at (if we don’t say so ourselves).