WillYum Spices 4oz - 4 Flavors

Pepper's Essence is another favorite at WillYUM Spice. The secret to this gourmet blend is the medium and large fresh grounded pepper mixed with subtle hints of garlic, red pepper, and green pepper. This blend might kick your regular black pepper (that we still love) to the curb.

McKay's Curry so delicious is the flavor.  Hand blended from coriander, turmeric, brown mustard, fenugreek seed, cumin, cinnamon,  red pepper flakes, ginger, black pepper and cardamom

WillYUM's Turmeric is of the highest quality and come from the "fingers" of the Turmeric plant grown in India. It has a high curcumin content, lots of flavor, and a beautiful color. Be careful when handling this product as it can stain fingers and surfaces.

WillYUM Smoked Mesquite Salt is simply irresistible. This top quality sea salt is cold smoked over a mesquite wood fire for at least five days. It has big bold favor and a little goes a long way.