Hella Cocktail Co.

Jomaree Pinkard, Tobin Ludwig, and Eddie Simeon, Founders

Brooklyn, NY

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Hella Cocktail Co. logo.

The best times seem to happen around great drinks. Friendships are forged; memories are made; schemes are hatched. This is the original inspiration of Hella Cocktail Co: a love of bold flavors, real ingredients and genuine hospitality.

Their line of premium mixers, syrups, bitters and DIY kits was born out of a good old fashioned passion for delicious cocktails made of all natural elements. The founders are known for their obsessive quest to create truly original craft bitters and they’re okay with that. It’s a reminder that every detail is important, and that often (if not always) it’s the little things that make all the difference.

Raising a glass to Bartenders everywhere, whether you ply your craft at a bar or at home, Hella Bitters Co.’s mission is to give you the highest quality ingredients, tools and inspiration to keep it exciting.

They will never stop working to make sure your next cocktail—and every one after that—is not just good, but Hella good. Wicked flavors. Mad skills. Hella Cocktail Co.