Rockerbox Spice Co.

Millbrook, NY

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Rockerbox Spice Co.

Rockerbox began in 2011, as the manifestation of a home-cook’s frustration at her newfound knowledge that most mass-market garlic and onion powders are not what she thought they were. Why do factories use additives in garlic and onion powders? What would they look and taste like if they were just pure dehydrated garlic? And, why does generic onion powder only come in one mystery-onion flavor?

The idea blossomed in a little dehydrator on a city terrace, and migrated to upstate New York: first to Millbrook, then Poughkeepsie, then Hudson, and now Schoharie. They found that when they fully dried raw garlic or onions, they could crush them into “dusts” and use them in cooking. For an avid cook, these homemade dusts were time & labor intensive (and so precious!)

Rockerbox is all about creating your source for high quality, single-ingredient allium powders that are not only fresh, they’re free from additives of all kinds. If you compare their real garlic powder with granulated garlic, you’ll notice that their is more aromatic, more flavorful, and more authentically garlicky in flavor without odd aftertastes.


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